Brand History

Ever since it was established in 1993, Taishi-Tech Industries Sdn Bhd has been specialising in the manufacturing of solid surface material under the brand name Acelite at its Batu Pahat production plant. When it was initially launched the product was not instantly embraced by the industry. It took 10 long years before it made inroads into consumer acceptance and eventually received the recognition it deserved in the industry. Today, our company is the biggest producer for ACELITE® solid surface material.

Product Features

The ACELITE® solid surfacing material is a new mineral stuffing macromolecular material comprising polymerized mineral powder, high performance resin and natural pigment. As the surface is solid and non-porous with impenetrable seams, ACELITE® has received the seal of approval for use in commercial food preparation areas, such as restaurant kitchens. Solid surface is the only material apart from stinless, which is approved for a similar commercial use.

Waveboard and Decorative Panels cater to the high specification needs of today's architectural industry. The product is durable, fire and stain resistant and incredibly low maintenance.

Pearl Series
Pearl Series Solid Surface is a multi-colored material that features a random veining or swirling of pearl luster within the base material. It is suitable for front and back lighting features.

Liquid inlay system allows the engraving of design onto solid surface material, providing a simple solution yet resulting in excellence corporate identification.