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Message from MD

When Taishi-Tech was first established way back in 1993, our business was the manufacture of solid surface material, ACELITE® . I remember that for a long time, the product was not fully embraced by the industry the way we hoped but we persisted. We believed in driving through our goal of being not only Malaysia's premier producer and supplier of solid surface material but also for the rest of the Asia Pacific region. The journey was long and it wasn't until 10 years later that the product, ACELITE® was finally recognized. Today, we're the biggest producer for solid surface material ACELITE® .

But we've not just stopped there. The success of ACELITE® prompted us to look towards expanding our portfolio. Not long after, in collaboration with a reputed Shanghainese company, NAXOS®, our high gloss acrylic panel for kitchen cabinet door was launched in 2009. Another brand, TRISTONE TM , a solid, non-porous surfacing material homogenously composed of a unique blend of natural minerals and 100% high performance acrylic emerged barely a year later.

By 2011, we launched the first German-made flat laminator in Malaysia; NAXOS® is now the first wholly-made-in Malaysia high gloss acrylic panel. A reputable high quality quartz surfaces - LG Hausys VIATERA® emerged in the same year. It's made with 93% natural quartz. It's more durable and easier to maintain than any other natural stone. We've never stopped innovating and pioneering, and preparing the company for globalization. Our partnership with strong global players and our drive to create quality global products are ultimately with one vision in mind-to leave a legacy and an indelible mark on the world stage, for not only the company but also our country, Malaysia.



Mr. Chua Chee Hieng
Founder and Managing Director

Vision & Mission

Taishi's vision is not only to be Malaysia's premier producer and supplier of artificial marbles and decorative panels, but also to the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. We are committed in our goal to provide our existing and potential customers with excellent quality services and emphasise strongly on the three 'i's' – integrity, initiative and involvement in all areas of our business. It is our mission to produce top quality functional andaesthetic work tops.