Brand History

Following on the success of Acelite, Taishi decided to further enlarge and diversify their revenue. This resulted in the collaboration in 2009 with a reputed Shanghainese company and the outcome – NAXOS®, High Gloss Acrylic Panel for kitchen cabinet doors. The product, which comes in a variety of striking designs and colours, has proven to be a success not only in the aesthetic sense but also due to its competitive pricing compared with its other European counterparts.

Product Features

NAXOS® High Gloss Acrylic Panel is a breakthrough technology in decorative kitchen door panel designed to meet your dreams in contemporary kitchen design. The top contains ABS/PMMA, which delivers High Gloss and rich colour variety to enhance the kitchen aesthetics.

This special material has many properties. Not only is it durable, it is also fadeless, scratch and acid/alkalescence resistant compared to other similar grade products. PUR glue, one of the world's premier glue for its steadfast quality, is used. Another distinguishing feature of NAXOS® is the stunning edge sealing finishing, which offers both colour and aluminium edge depending on your preference.

The NAXOS® base is MDF (Medium Density Fiber): 710-730, the standard of EOE containing no hazard on volatile substance. Its back is covered by melanine veneer, which is contaminate- resistance and easy to wash.

There's an abundance of exciting colours to choose from as well as sizes for your desired design styles. Custom-made sizes are also available upon request.