Brand History

With successes with its other brands, ACELITE® and NAXOS®, as well as its successful expansion into Vietnam in 2008, Taishi continued to stretch the boundaries. In June 2010, a new product called TRISTONE™ was launched. Sourced from a well reputed and one of the largest producers of solid surface in Korea, this solid, nonporous surfacing material is homogenously composed of a unique blend of natural minerals and high performance acrylic.

Product Features

TRISTONE™ unites the designer's style, the natural beauty of the home, and the versatility of 100% acrylic solid surface products resulting in the perfect combination of unity and durability.

Due to its excellent resistance to water, heat and other intense conditions, TRISTONE™ products can be the main element in not only kitchens but also the bathroom, office, school, restaurant and other types of space that welcome practicality and performance.

The TRISTONE™ solid surface is flexible, which means that its sheets can be custom cut and installed for limitless self-expression and design possibilities. It is also possible to integrate it with other surfaces including glass, tile, granite, and other materials, allowing you to explore the boundaries of your personal style.

TRISTONE™'s 100% acrylic solid surface is easy to clean and maintain from daily stains and scratches. All you need is just water and usual household cleansers to make it look spanking new. The non-porous surface can be easily renewed from possible damages.