Brand History

In year 2011, a beautiful non-porous material LG Hausys VIATERA® was emerged in Taishi. It is made with 93% natural quartz with technologically advanced polymers. Made with natural quartz, VIATERA® surfaces offer paralleled beauty and extraordinary benefits that far exceed those of any other natural stone. Quartz is the seventh hardest mineral on earth, behind gemstones such as topaz, sapphire and diamond.

Product Features

VIATERA® is an amazing and beautiful material that's non-porous and consistent in color throughout. It's more hygienic and stain-resistant than other stone countertop materials such as granite. And unlike granite, VIATERA® Quartz does not need to be sealed to maintain its non-porous qualities.

Its excellent resistance to heat and high standard of durability, VIATERA® withstands most everyday stains, and is scratch and crack resistant. It can be applied in kitchen tops, vanity tops, wall decorations, laboratory tables, working tables, office desks and other commercial interiors.

VIATERA® colors were inspired by the raw beauty of distinctive regions around the world, offering a palette of colors from soft and serene to passionate and intense. The clarity of the natural quartz creates a beauty that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing methods or techniques. Since VIATERA® incorporates all-natural quartz minerals mined from the earth; there may be slight color variations and particulate concentrations, just as in natural stone surfaces. It's all part of the authentic look VIATERA®.